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Japanese Knotweed Treatment and Removal Services in Swansea Explained by South Wales Knotweed Removal

Do you have, or do you think you have Japanese Knotweed on or close by to your property in Swansea? If so, then naturally this will cause stress and worry. However, do not despair, as there are an array of solutions available through South Wales Knotweed Removal.

We are a family run business based in Ammanford, launched by Carwyn Templeton, fully qualified Japanese Knotweed Certificated Surveyor (JKCS) through the Property Care Association. We specialise in eradicating Japanese Knotweed, other invasive plant species and ‘general nuisance weeds’ found within the UK, primarily from residential premises and land destined for housing development. We also provide a tree felling/removal/cutting service to which all our arborist are NPTC or equivalently qualified.

Japanese Knotweed Removal and Treatments Services – Our client base covers the whole of South Wales (including Swansea) and the West Wales area up to North Ceredigion & Powys and throughout South Glamorgan & Gwent. We also carry out contracts deep into the West Country, as far North as Shropshire and into the Midlands & Birmingham areas.

We offer services throughout South Wales for the identification, treatment and the removal & control of knotweed and we are confident you will find us very competitive on cost. We are fully qualified to provide treatment plans and site assessment reports and our accreditations are recognised by The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

Swansea Knotweed Removal

Knotweed and the Mortgage Issue

A common fallacy is that you will never obtain a mortgage or be able to sell your home when Knotweed is located on or close to your property, whether it is growing on your own or neighbouring land.

Lenders, the vast majority of whom operate a ‘no risk’ protocol are always cautious to endorse a mortgage application, when Knotweed is mentioned within a homebuyers survey report, due to its ability to spread quickly. Nonetheless, this can easily be counteracted via a 5-year Treatment Plan supplemented by an independently written 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG).

As we have stated on many previous occasions, there are multiple Myths, Misconceptions and Facts surrounding treatment & removal of Knotweed and what the best course of action is to follow. Pouring salt, diesel, caustic soda, turpentine, fairy liquid for example on the plant or into the ground are just some of the common fallacies which seem to have gathered momentum over the years. The problem exists beneath the surface and the only viable means to control the plant is via chemical treatment or excavation*.

Again, the following statements are very misleading, to say the least, and to a certain extent, untrue:

“It will grow through solid concrete”
“It can destabilise foundations”
“It has the potential to cause structural damage”
“Knotweed can damage buildings especially if left to grow unhindered for a number of years”
“This invasive plant can have such a dramatic effect on structures, foundations & concrete”

The truth is, however, is that with the right diagnostics and appropriate treatment plan, Knotweed can be controlled over a period of time (generally 3-5 years) just like any other plant.

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